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Q: What do you do at HSW? TOP
A: Handicapped Sales Workshop is a full service custom imprinting manufacturing facility providing specialty-advertising products for businesses, organizations and special events.

Q: How long has HSW been in business? TOP
A: We have been in business since 1989.

Q: Is there a number that I can reach customer service? TOP
A: Yes, the phone number is 866-798-8324

Q: Are you government funded? TOP
A: No, we are a Florida For-profit registered corporation. We are not a charity.

Q: Are you a for profit business? TOP
A: Yes, we are registered with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations.

Q: Do you accept donations? TOP
A: No, we are not a charity. We provide fulltime employment under the state and federal labor laws.

Q: Why should I buy these products? TOP
A: Advertising products are the best way to promote a company.

Q: Do you have a catalog? TOP
A: No, we do not offer a catalog. The types of products that we produce are constantly changing which includes their pricing. Additionally, we can provide different quality of products, depending on your budget.

Q: What types of products do you sell? TOP
A: Handicapped Sales Workshop sells a variety of custom imprinted promotional products that will promote businesses, organizations and special events.

Q: If my company doesn't have a company logo, can HSW create one for us? TOP
Yes, the graphics department at HSW has the equipment and knowledge to provide your company with a custom logo.

Q: Does the prices of the products reduce when I buy large quantities? TOP
Yes, the more products you buy, the prices can be reduced.

Q: Do you offer a variety of products? TOP
Yes, we have a variety of printing capabilities from various products including, custom embroidery, silk-screening and hot stamping. ( Transfer )

Q: Why can't I order products online? TOP
Ordering of products is done by trained sales representatives. We make it our responsibility to know our product line that will best benefit your company.

Q: Do you have other offices in the country? TOP
No, our corporate office and manufacturing facility is located in Pompano Beach, FL.

Q: Do you sell to only Florida businesses or nationally? TOP
No, we sell throughout our community, our country and the world.

Q: Do you really employ the disabled? TOP
Yes, we currently have many employees who suffer from a variety of disabilities including, spinal cord injuries, polio, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, hearing, sight, and cognitive disabilities.

Q: How do I know my product will be ok, if I cant see it first? TOP
All products are 100% guaranteed.

Q: Can you send me samples? TOP
We do not send in order to control costs. These savings allow us to keep our prices competitive. All products can be viewed on our website.

Q: Can we get a brochure or catalog with our order? TOP
Yes, we include a brochure with all delivered orders.

Q: Are your products competitive? TOP
Yes, we compare our products with other similar companies to ensure competitive pricing and quality.

Q: How long after shipping, will it take to get here? TOP
HSW uses UPS for all shipping. Delivery depends on where your company is located. Typically within the state of Florida, products are delivered within 2-4 workdays. Outside of Florida, typically takes 5-7 workdays.

Q: Why does HSW employ people with disabilities? TOP
HSW feels that there is a social responsibility to provide employment to this disadvantaged minority population.

Q: How can I pay for my products? TOP
Payments can be in the form of credit card, phone check or COD.

Q: How much goes to the handicapped? TOP
Our disabled employees are paid just like our non-disabled employees. Salaries are based on the individuals' job and responsibilities.

Q: Do you only employ handicapped people? TOP
No, we have
intergrated workshop.






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